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Softball BC Return to Play Guidelines - Step 2 (BC's Restart Plan) 

Softball BC Return to Play Guidelines - BC's Restart Plan

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June 15, 2021


To: All Members,

Softball BC We are very excited about the progress made and the opening up of softball opportunities announced for BC Step Two of the provincial restart plan takes effect today, which means, effective immediately:

- Teams and members of teams registered with Softball BC may travel anywhere in the province to take part in softball activities, including games, practices and tournaments

- Indoor activities, such as training, and development can resume with no restrictions on physical distancing or masks when engaged in the activity

- Spectators can again attend games, with a provincially mandated maximum of 50 spectators at a softball diamond

- Equipment, including balls and bats can be shared without having to be sanitized between use

- Indoor meetings and clinics can resume, to a maximum of 50 participants We remind our member clubs and leagues that it is important to work with your local government or facility owner to ensure you are complying with their guidelines, we recognize that not all municipalities will move forward at the same speed.

As well, we remind everyone that individual participants may need time to adopt all the changes which are in place. Umpires, players, coaches and parents may want to move at a slower pace, and we encourage respect for all participants to follow protocols which they feel comfortable with. Attached is our return to play plans following step two, this includes protocols to be followed for outdoor and indoor activities.

This plan may be modified at any time, based on the provincial health order and ViaSport direction.

Yours truly,

Rick Benson Executive Director, Softball BC


June 14, 2021

As you are, no doubt, aware, a press conference was held today by Premier Horgan and various cabinet ministers as well as Dr. Henry to announce the province’s move to Step Two of the Restart Plan. While there is a great deal for us to be excited and optimistic about for the days ahead for softball games and tournaments, we have been told to wait for the PHO order for Gathering and Events to be changed in order to have clarity on what those changes are and how they are to be applied.

ViaSport’s website is the most up-to-date document for us to use as a reference point right now.

You may also want to view the Order itself, although we expect there will be a lag before this version is updated and the ViaSport site will be closer to real time.

Once the PSO has received confirmation of the changes for Step Two I will distribute the information through email and we will post it on our website.

I know we all are anxious to move forward, to schedule games with other clubs, to rejoin your team which is in a different zone, and to prepare for tournaments. I can only tell you that as soon as the information is available, we will share it, and the ViaSport website will be updated to verify those changes.

If you haven’t heard from your local facility owner, I suggest you get in touch with them to confirm what they will be looking for. Thank you to those of you who have sent me that information, the ViaSport website will be the first one updated for sport criteria.

Rick Benson



June 1, 2021 

Good afternoon,

Further to the provincial announcement of May 25th with the restart plan, today, viaSport released an updated sport specific version, Restart Sport 2.0

As we continue to move towards a more traditional sport model with easing of restrictions, the individual clubs and leagues will be more involved with modifying your own return to play plans, adjusting them to meet your club’s needs along with your local municipality requirements .

Softball BC will no longer be sanctioning individual clubs or leagues through each step of return to play, but rather the sanctioning will be based, as it traditionally has been, on being a member in good standing, and complying with Softball BC’s by-laws, operating rules and policies.

We have provided a set of guidelines to give direction in your own safety plans for step one of the restart plan. We will be following Via Sport’s modifications and updating our return to play guidelines online as changes and new information is made available.

While we will continue to communicate and support LSOs through the coming months as we return to full, open sport activities, we will do so more by providing the links to sites where the information can be viewed and each LSO and league can use the information they need for their own local facilities and membership.

We will continue to advocate for travel between zones and to make competitive opportunities available to all teams, regardless of where they are located in the province.


Rick Benson






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