Hall Of Fame: Athletes

Year Name  
2020 Mr. Dennis Eckert, Nanaimo, BC  
2020 Mr. John Green, Victoria, BC  
2019 Ms. Gail Archibald, Victoria, BC   
2019 Ms. Joan Firkins, Brentwood Bay, BC  
2018 Ms. Gerry Gilmore, Victoria, BC  
2018 Ms. Joy Armstrong, Qualicum Beach, BC  
2018 Ms. Eveline Bonneville, White Rock, BC  
2018 Mr. Gord Fadden, Salmon Arm, BC  
2017 Ms. Colleen Moffat, Delta, BC  
2017 Ms. Kathy McGuire, New Westminster, BC  
2016 Mrs. Lauren Bay-Regula, Trail, BC  
2016 Ms. Melanie Matthews, Surrey, BC  
2013 Mr. Rick Smith, Crofton, BC  
2012 Mr. Bill McDonald, Richmond, BC  
2010 Ms. Mary Ann Walz, Coquitlam, BC  
2009 Mr. Darrel Clarkson, Campbell River, BC  
2008 Ms. Carrie (Flemmer) Marshall  
2008 Ms. Heather Cranston  
2007 Mr. Dave Paetkau, Abbotsford  
2007 Mr. Gord Hartley (Posthumously), New Westminster  
2006 Mrs. Sandra Nerreter, Richmond  
2006 Mr. Mike Piechnik, Victoria  
2005 Ms. Debbie Smallwood, Burnaby  
2004 Mr. Andy Konopacki, Courtenay  
2003 Ms. Debbie Duke, Victoria  
2003 Mr. Doug Chase, Port Alberni  
2003 Mr. Rick Pimlott, North Vancouver  
2002 Ms. Sally Mccullough (Makarenko), Vancouver  
2002 Ms. Tracey Huclack, Vancouver  
2001 Mr. Ron Clarke, Delta  
2001 Mr. Norm Mcleod, New Westminster  
1999 Ms. Diane Materi, North Vancouver  
1998 Mr. Clem Perini, Port Moody  
1998 Ms. Patti McGuire, Burnaby  
1996 Ms. Olive Dill, Vancouver  
1996 Mr. Bob Holness, Victoria  
1996 Mr. Harvey Stevenson, Victoria  
1995 Mr. Rob Guenter, Victoria  
1994 Mr. Bill Gurvich, Richmond  
1993 Mr. Reg Underwood, Victoria  
1993 Ms. Patty Polych, New Westminster  
1993 Ms. Margaret Maxwell, Vancouver  
1992 Ms. Shirley Topley, Anaheim, CA  
1990 Ms. Joanne Mick, Vancouver  
1990 Ms. Janice Robinson, Delta  
1990 Mr. Buster Moberg, Vancouver  
1990 Mr. Bob Burrows, Victoria  
1990 Mr. Jim McMillan, Vancouver  
1989 Ms. Rosemary Fuller, Victoria  
1989 Mr. Stan Kern, Aldergrove  
1989 Mr. Pete Proctor, Coquitlam



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