Softball BC Apprentice Coach Program

Expectations of the program:

  • The earlier applications can be approved, the more holistic the experience can be for both the Apprentice Coach and the Mentor Coach.
  • The Director of Coaching together with the Minor Director, will work together to approve the Coach pairings.
  • Apprentice Coaches should be involved in all aspects of team-as their timetable allows-recognizing that their own play comes first.
  • Apprentice Coaches should be included in team selection processes and discussions, communications with players and parents.
  • The Apprenticeship Coach will mirror the Mentor Coach in opportunities and participation. Apprenticeship Coach will be considered an extension of the mentor Coach so at times that may mean there are five Coaches (the Four allowed to be rostered plus the one Apprenticeship Coach)
  • Apprenticeship Coaches will not go onto the actual roster but will have a letter that goes with the team giving them full rights as their mentor Coach. Including at Districts, Pre-Provincial meetings and play.
  • Apprentice Coach is only recognized when their Mentor Coach is present-no exceptions.
  • Mentor Coaches will share their experiences and competencies on quality Coaching skills, including such things as how to create a line-up, engaging kids, how to lose with dignity, etc.
  • Apprenticeship Coaches may be present when discussions are held surrounding team discipline or parental concerns but are never to have these talks without their mentor Coach being present.
  • Only one Apprentice Coach per team/Mentor Coach. This is to ensure proper Guidance and Attention is given to the Apprentice Coach and all learning opportunities are able to be shared.

Apprentice Coach:

  • Must be a Softball BC Rostered Player
  • Can only Coach in Categories below their own age regardless of the Category the player is rostered in. I.E. U13 aged player but registers in U15. For our purposes is still considered to be a U13 aged player and can Coach in age group U11 and younger.
  • Can only Coach in Classifications equal to or below the Classification they play in. E.G: Player plays B level. Can Coach in B or C but not in A

Mentor Coach:

  • Must be a Softball BC Rostered Coach
  • Must be NCCP certified to the level they are currently coaching.
  • Must have completed the online MED (Making Ethical Decisions)

Download and submit the application form to :  Application Form

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